The Night Shift

It seems as though music is at a point of no return.

The golden age of American pop music – A time Without technology, a time where a good melody mattered more than a familiar melody, a time where an artist was a vehicle for the music and not vice versa – is long gone. The sorry state of pop culture and the money hungry business that music has become ensures that such a time will never come again.(Sure, many artists are taking the independent route by focusing on touring, release their music themselves etc… But all that does is create businesspeople not songwriters.)

In fact, the more I listen to music from the 80s, the more foreign and distant it sounds to me, not unlike watching a black and white movie from the 1950s. Technology moves so fast and pop music has become such an industry that some of these songs from the 70s and 80s evoke a simpler more innocent and pure time. Time Life Music infomercial type stuff.

Its not that the sound is necessarily different, on the contrary, artists have been borrowing 80s sound for the last decade. Its that the music has lost its soul along the way, its artistry,its humility and depth and might I add, its swagger.

Here’s to nostalgia!

  • Sarah Marciano

    Great post, i agree 100% percent.
    Great blog! love and look forward to all of your posts! 🙂