Hidden musical gems in films – Part 1

Music almost always plays a central role in any good movie. Sometimes the music is discreet and subtle in order to trigger a certain feeling – fear, suspense,excitement. In other instances, the music is more central to the story, with a happy songs (for example) punctuating scenes and helping set the tone while getting the viewer emotionally invested in the film.

Movie soundtracks in the 90’s were used as a platform by big mainstream rap artists to “break out”, such as Warren G with the song “Regulate” on the “Above the Rim” soundtrack or Aaliyah with “Are you that Somebody” on the Dr. Dolittle soundtrack.

Composers (think Hans Zimmer) became world reknown for creating soundscapes that were so iconic that they led to multimilliion dollar sales of movie soundtracks.

But this post is about something different. The song within a movie that is not composed by Hans Zimmer and that does not appear on the soundtrack.

The song you remember after you see the movie but can’t really find it anywhere.

I’m on a quest to find the best ones. Here are 3 that have stayed with me and that I listen to again and again

It seems like these songs have a common theme..

1- From the movie Glory featuring Denzel Washington & Morgan Freeman

2 – From the movie Imitation of LIfe –Trouble of the World -_Mahalia Jackson

3- From “Rio Bravo” – My Rifle, pony & me – Dean Martin & Ricky Nelson