Dope Producers Part 1

For those that don’t know, I make music.

I started a while back with a cheap synth I “borrowed” from a high school “friend”. You can imagine how choice my beats were…The next step for me was a drum machine that i payed with money I earned promoting parties ($1,500 – that’s devotion for a then 17 year old). That didn’t last long. My neighbor, upon hearing of my bold purchase, that I wasn’t quite sure how to use, told me about this program – Fruity Loops – and that he could find it online for me for free. So as you can imagine, I returned the drum machine (something I regret to this day because I’ve never learnt how to use one), and got down with Fruity Loops for a few years. Then  I listened to another friend, (regretfully so) that told me I had to “graduate” to Reason.  But I never liked Reason aside from its drum machine. So I finally decided on Ableton, which I have been using for the last few years. For the most part I’m happy with the music I make. I sometimes feel like my creative peaks are behind me but every now and then I get a great idea and the luck to be able to execute it maybe at 65% of what I had imagined.

Sometimes however, I come across a producer/artist who’s music is so good, so crisp, so clean, so personal, so confident and complete and CREATIVE and complex that it discourages to the point of feeling completely shitty and undeserving.

This post is about one of them.

Nicolas Jaar.

Young guy, younger than me. I believe he’s chilean/American. I also believe he was in Montreal hanging out in my friends apartment a few months ago , but that’s neither here nor there.

Nicolas Jaar. He’s damn good.

The thing about Nicolas Jaar’s music is that it is electro-acoustically creative and complex, it is technically advanced, it’s original, it’s electronic but it’s also funky and hypnotic and ballsy. It’s like everything I ever wanted to make but never had the patience/determination or perhaps the talent to. Not ALL his music is great but damn near most of it is.

Another measure of a great artist is his live performances and let me tell you, Jaar does not dissapoint. I saw him in Montreal in the summer of 2012 for mutek with a guitarist and a saxophonist and it was powerful. Despite operating in the 110-112 Beats per Minute, he had the crowd dancing and grooving to every note.

He recently collaborated on an album with guitarist Dave Harrington. Pitchfork gave it a 9 out of 10. But f*#k Pitchfork.

Oh I just got my tickets for his next show in MTL January 14. To be Continued…