When Rockers Try Reggae – and it works…


I love discovering hidden Reggae/ska songs on rock albums by otherwise “conventional” artists – especially when they are good. Today while at work I compiled my top 5 Reggae/ska songs by non Reggae artists.



1.Take it Away – Paul McCartney

Taken from the Tug Of war album, the first solo effort by Paul after John Lennon’s death, Take it away is a three part reggae/ska/pop song only McCartney could write.


2. Mother & Child Reunion – Paul Simon

Probably the most pure Ska sounding of all the song on this list, Paul Simon’s Mother & Child Reunion is from his first solo album “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. It sounds like some early Bob Marley and was in fact recorded with Jimmy Cliff in Jamaica. Play this one if you are nostalgic for the sun or in need of a long drive on an empty highway.


3. Knocking on Heaven’s Door – Eric Clapton

Clapton gives a reggae twist to a Dylan classic song.


4. Last Night – Travelling Willburys

5 music legends in their own right got together to record a great album and a very fun reggae inspired song. Vocals are mostly by Tom Petty with a bit of Roy Orbison


5. Master Blaster – Stevie Wonder

Stevie toured with Bob and was a huge fan of reggae. This was the result.his http://www.steviewonder.org.uk/multimedia/photo_gallery/images/Stevie&Bob-3.jpg