The Wallflowers live

I never know where to go when visiting a city. The sources of information are as diverse as they are incomplete. Yelp is good for restaurants – but doesn’t tell you about the latest openings or little known gems. Thrillist – the jury is still out. Instagram – if you’re a detective/stalker you may get Read More

By Gabriel Assouline When well written, autobiographies feel like a conversation. That rare and revealing conversation we’ve all had with a relative or  travel acquaintance. The talks that last through the night and get us pumped up about life, strike a chord and leave their mark on us, sometimes forever. This is a list of my favorite music autobiographies. Read More

By Gabriel Assouline I had 2 shows lined up last week: Broken Bells  – the collaborative project between The Shins’ singer James Mercer and super producer Danger Mouse (Gnarls Barkley). Two nights later, I  was to a see a local band – The Franklin Electric – that I knew little about, aside from their radio single Read More

By Gabriel Assouline   “Americans have decided to be stupid and shallow since 1980. Madonna is like Nero; she marks the turning point.” – Joni Mitchell In today’s world, pop star status equates “crossing over” and selling out. What “sells” and what is played on the radio, in commercials and in movies today is what follows Read More

It seems as though music is at a point of no return. The golden age of American pop music – A time Without technology, a time where a good melody mattered more than a familiar melody, a time where an artist was a vehicle for the music and not vice versa – is long gone. Read More

Kaytranada is a Montreal born and bred producer who’s music is a combination of hip-hop and R&B with an electronic 2013 feel to it. More importantly it’s just good. Real good, deceptively good. In his early 20s, Kaytranada has been able to develop his own distinct sound and continues to blow me away with his Read More

For those that don’t know, I make music. I started a while back with a cheap synth I “borrowed” from a high school “friend”. You can imagine how choice my beats were…The next step for me was a drum machine that i payed with money I earned promoting parties ($1,500 – that’s devotion for a Read More

Music almost always plays a central role in any good movie. Sometimes the music is discreet and subtle in order to trigger a certain feeling – fear, suspense,excitement. In other instances, the music is more central to the story, with a happy songs (for example) punctuating scenes and helping set the tone while getting the Read More